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04 June 2007 @ 02:52 pm
WoW adventures  
Well, here I had recently a sudden need to write down my WoW adventures, and Bea sugested I do it here. Hey, it might even help the none-player kiddos to get a better feel of the world they're dweling in. Just remember I always give my characters stories so these will be sorta like RPG profiles and stuff. It's in English because I want it to be, sod off.

Freiyr comes a long way. Poor thing, he already went trough a lot. Orphaned, one of the last of his race, missing sister, death fiancé(assumed as such), he generally spent a great part of his young life losing people and leaning how to live alone. He struggled to fight the strangest creatures, fetch powerful items for lazy people who would be much more capable then him, encountered strange allies (like the Power Rangers of Eversong Woods), put elite traitors to an end, and faced the horrible Alliance all alone. At his side always stood Mitsu, which was probably what saved him, as Freiyr was very awkward with his class for a good while, barely knowing how to throw arrows right and getting into big mess ups that lead to frequent visits to the Spirit Healer.
Things started taking a turn for the better when Freiyr took a break. After a particularly nasty defeat, he just took a break and thought, gathered all his current experience and, with Mitsu by his side, stood up to re-discover Azeroth and be a better, be a good hunter!...so his new long, flowy cape helped...
While questing atop Thousand Needles, killing a buncha evil Taurens, Freiyr met with Thalatea, a Blood Elf priestess, who would be his entrance ticket to the guild “Nerged”. For the first time in a long time, Freiyr felt alone no more, and this only pushed him to go further, try harder. By indication of his sempai, Dumah, Freiyr visited the very desolated lands of…well, Desolace. There he allied himself with the centaur clan Gelkis and he's even now fulfilling quests for them. In Desolace, Freiyr met a hunter coleage, a Tauren called Hawkthorn. Together, they’ve already reached Dustmallow and Stranglethorn, and are quite a good team. This is when Freiyr’s loneliness really came to an end. Currently killing evil Trolls in Stranglethorn, Freiyr recently completed his first instance. Together with his guild buddy Milk, a Tauren warrior, and three more unknowns (amongst them a newbie 35 lv Undead Rogue who liked to agroo a lot and needed to be protected a lot), Freiyr paid a visit to the Scarlet Crusade in the Cathedral of Scarlet Monestry, and put an end to Mograine and Whitemane (tricky bastards thought they could group up on them…). Recently, Freiyr hit level 40, but the beautiful singing Hawkstriders are out of his reach, for Freiyr is a very, very poor hunter. (T.T)
(to be continued)

Barail awoke in Shadow Grave, confused at where she was and why. She remembered pain, darkness, fear, and yet a fierce determination, before her world went black. Even now, she couldn't see, there were straps over her eyes. Maybe underneath them, she might not have eyes at all. And yet, she could feel her surroundings as well as if she could see them. Going up the stairs cautiously, she met another like her, wielding a lantern. He was happy she had finally come around, and slowly things were explained to her, and she remembered vaguely when she was one of the Scourge. What she did not remember, was when she was a ditzy, happy-go-lucky human. A Priestess, the youngest of three sisters, in love with a young Paladin who was still alive and well back in Stormwind. She did not remember, so she could not explain the pull of the holy side of Priesthood that had all her Forsaken companions see her with strangeness. Barail had the natural urges for revenge, to kill and hurt those who had hurt her, but the call to heal was stronger and as such she pursued her path. She met Lady Sylvanas on her first trip to Undercity, and was incredibly amazed and honoured to serve under her wise command. Her not so lost human side made her shun the dead Tirisfal Glades and it's creatures, and seek solace in the Barrens, where the sun shone high and there was movement and chatter in the roads. Getting herself lost in Orgrimmar led to her finding a nice Tailoring trainer, who was pleased to teach her the profession. Wanting to prove herself useful to the Horde, she was sent to the Crossroads. (to be continued)

Lium's childhood was passed running from the annoyed guards in the streets of the glorious Silvermoon, chasing Dragonhawks in Eversong Woods, throwing expensive drinks on girls' equally expensive dresses, hiding with his friends in Murder Row, and being fed a growing wonder for magic. When he was of age, young, reckless, confident, spoiled Lium became a Mage. Just the right path for any young High Elf of good families (except for his Ranger brother, he’s not spoken off anyway, it’s like he doesn’t exist).
However, what began by being a mere fascination grew into hunger. It was not long after Lium started his training that Prince Arthas attacked and their home was destroyed. He also watched as his youngest sister was killed publicly to serve as an example. His anger almost got himself killed, but Lium survived with only a scar across his back from a Paladin’s sword. Still young in his training, Lium stayed behind to help retake Quel'Thalas from the Scourge and rebuild Silvermoon.
He worshipped Kaelthas, like all of his Blood Elf brothers, but secretly was not content with the policy to cut down on magic consumption. Slowly, he started building a burning hate for Kaelthas and all of his race, who kept him away from his precious magic, and practiced demonic magic in secret. This almost led him to turn into a Wraith, but he was found out before it came to it. In one of his experiences, he summoned a demon that burnt the side of his face with black fire. Lium’s screams alerted the guards, but they were not kind upon finding him. As punishment from his actions, Lium’s father blinded his right eye and the rest of his family took off to Outlands without him, shunning him for bringing only disgrace to their name. All the best Priests in Silvermoon tried to cure Lium’s burnt face, but it was found out that the scarred skin was more of a curse then a wound, and that Lium would just have to live with it. To try and regain his people’s respect, Lium left the ways of the Mages (he was more of a Warlock by then anyway) and converted to holy Priesthood.
…Until he found out about Shadow Priests and went “Yeeeeeeeeeeeees! The poooooooooooower!” So that brought him back to his magic-addiction, which he slowly restarted secretly, generally at night. Which would explain why Lium is an insomniac. So off Lium goes, thrilled with the prospect of turning Shadow one day, but angry at having to kill animals, he doesn’t like to kill animals, he’s a nature lover. Also, he’s personality changed a lot ever since the burnt incident, he passed from a snobby rascal to a quite and responsible person. It’s just he has this little nasty habit on the sidelines…
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